Facts of King, Most Mysterious Kaido Deputy

Zona Hobi Saya
3 min readOct 8, 2021


The One Piece manga and anime series always surprises fans. The creator, Eiichiro Oda, always has surprises that he hides in the One Piece story, especially in the Wano saga.

The characters that are presented can also be considered surprising for fans in the saga. One that makes fans wonder is King, the most mysterious deputy commander of Kaido.

Slowly, King’s character managed to get attention among One Piece followers. In the anime and manga this character is considered to have an important role in the Beast pirates. Apparently, he had a big hand in the tragedy that befell Wano.

One of the All-Star Pirates of the Beast

Like his colleagues Queen and Jack, King is included in the All-Stars of the Beast pirates or better known as The Disaster. However, King has a great amount of authority, after Kaido the General.

This can be seen in Onigashima. King rebukes Jack for Kuri’s low bid and failure to save Doflamingo from the Marines. In fact, King said that Queen was incompetent in running Kaido’s trading business. It caused the two of them to have an argument.

In addition, Jack also called him brother. This also indicates that King does have power over the rest of the Beast pirate crew. On the other hand, Kaido really trusts King to make decisions in his trading business and recognizes King’s power.

Known for Cruel and Courageous

Thanks to having greater authority than the rest of the crew, King has a ruthless nature. In fact, he often treated the members of the Beast Pirates harshly. King also often mocks Queen and Jack’s achievements. Just like Kaido, he also does not give tolerance and forgiveness to those who underestimate him.

So cruel, he likes to torture his members and enemies. Apparently, he enjoyed it as a pleasure in itself.

King is also known to be a brave person in One Piece. Her fearlessness is shown when she attacks Big Mom, even though she’s one of the Yonko. Due to his brave nature, King received praise from his comrades. By having these two traits, King becomes Kaido’s most feared representative. In addition, King is very loyal to Kaido and is ready to kill anyone who dares to fight the Beast pirates.

King Comes from a Rare Race

When he appears in Onigashima, King is shown to have a pair of wings and a large build as well as being enveloped in flames. Of course, this appearance suddenly makes One Piece fans speculate about its origin. It is known, he comes from a rare race that has become extinct. This is evident from the dialogue between him and Big Mom through the One Piece manga chapter 951.

However, judging from the pair of wings he had, it seemed that he was from the same race as Magellan. The reason being, they both have the same body features. In fact, at first glance King had a similar appearance to Magellan.

Ancient Zoan-Type Devil Fruit Eater

ichiro Oda is a regular to give surprises in One Piece, including from devil fruit users. During the Wano saga, King is known to be an ancient Zoan-type devil fruit eater, namely Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Pteranodon. The Devil Fruit’s power allows King to transform into a pteranodon at will.

The devil fruit also gives him the ability to fly and can release very powerful air strikes to eliminate his enemies. Evidently, when Big Mom tried to enter Wano. When he finds out that Big Mom’s pirate ship is climbing a waterfall, King instantly transforms into a pteranodon and destroys the ship with one hit.

In addition, when King transforms into a Pteranodon, the beak and claws become his main weapons. Combined with his flying ability, he can lunge at his target while drawing his beak swiftly like a sword.

Oh yes, King is included in the list of Zoan users who can fly with his abilities, such as Marco with the power of the Phoenix and Pell with the power of the Falcon.